The other afternoon I delivered flowers for a party that I going to attend that evening. At the party several people commented (positively) on the arrangements and got asked quite a few times where my creativity/ideas/inspiration comes from.

Good question

Some artists say they experience a process of “channeling” whereby they become a conduit for ideas from other worlds/the other side/somewhere else. I wish it were that easy.

My creative process varies from day to day, event to event, season to season

Sometimes it involves a shift in perception. Sometimes I need to walk away and come back later. Sometimes it involves a glass of really good red wine, and a fan deck of paint chips.  Sometimes I’ve got nothing, and have to live with that for far longer than feels comfortable. Sometimes the planets and stars align, and it’s just plain easy fun!

Bottom line is I’m not really sure where it all comes from. Experience gives a good foundation, providing a skill set that is truly invaluable, but perhaps it is a sense of play and a disregard for the norm that truly inspires?

I think I’m on to something here. What do you think?